Andrew Freedman, Axios - COP26 is done. What happened? What's next?

Andrew Freedman, Axios
COP26 is done. What happened? What's next?


Eureka! I found gold.

Thinking about the just-concluded climate conference in Glasgow, preparing for this HERE & THERE conversation with Andrew Freedman, who covers climate and energy issues for Axios, the online news site, got me thinking about that truism of progressive optimism, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Hello, Dr. Google? Give me Eureka! It turns out, “a more correct translation from the original Chinese of the philosopher Lao Tzu,” says, “would be, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.'”

What better message for COP26? Before you take those first steps towards environmental sanity, remember the starting point, remember the stakes  — the earth “beneath your feet.”

How successful the conference was, how significant the pledges and plans hatched there, seemed to depend on the age of the commentator and where on earth he or she planted their feet. Most younger observers seemed to agree with Shauna Aminath, environment minister of the Maldives, that what was produced in Glasgow, was “not in line with the urgency and scale required. … What looks balanced and pragmatic to other parties,” she said “will … be too late for the Maldives,” too late to keep her home islands from inundation by rising seas.



Andrew Freedman is a climate and energy reporter for Axios, covering climate change. An award-winning news reporter and editor with 15 years of experience covering global climate change, extreme weather events, national politics, energy, and space news, Andrew came to Axios from the Washington Post.





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