Marina Psaros, Author - The Atlas of Disappearing Places

Marina Psaros, Author
The Atlas of Disappearing Places


When people think of climate change, they may be misled by the label. “Change? we can handle that.  If the climate starts getting a bit warmer, we’ll adjust.  Wear fewer clothes.”

If only.  Climate change is not a rheostat that dials up hot or cold, wet or dry; it is an executioner.  Climate change doesn’t just re-shape or move things, it can remove them. Beyond rescue or repair.

Our guest today, Marina Psaros is — with Christina Conklin — the co-author of The Atlas of Disappearing Places, which takes us to 20 places which climate change threatens to disappear. The weapon of destruction: warming, rising, storm-tossed seas.

The magnitude of the threat?  Well, more than70 percent of Earth’s surface is ocean.



Marina Psaros is a sustainability expert and has led climate action programs across public, private, and nonprofit organizations for over a decade. She is a co-author (with Christina Conklin) of The Atlas of Disappearing Places: Our Coasts and Oceans in the Climate Crisis (The New Press) and one of the creators of The King Tides Project, an international community science and education initiative. An amateur cartographer and ocean advocate, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.,change.%20It%20is%20also%20a%20story%20of%20extinction



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