Andrew Freedman, Axios - A new corporate elite wants to mitigate climate change

Andrew Freedman, Axios
A new corporate elite wants to mitigate climate change


If the Coronavirus pandemic did nothing else, it showed to America and the world how then-president Donald Trump handled bad news. He’d stick his head under the covers — if not into some darker and even more confined space — and wait for trouble to go away.

Purposeless paralysis didn’t work in combating COVID-19 and willful ignorance is equally damaging in dealing with the undeniable effects of climate change. The Trump rump of the Republican Party whined about cancel culture when racist tropes drove his publisher to delete a few of Dr. Seuss’ otherwise delightful children’s books from circulation.

But Fox News and the rest of Trumpophilia ignored the consequences of their hero’s four-year cancellation of climate reporting from the Environmental Protection Administration.

What this dive under the bedsheets did was delay recognition of a passel of terrible problems tied to global warming, including data from Greenland comparable to the last days of the Ice Age.  The great Greenland ice sheet is melting away at a rate not seen for 12,000 years.

Each ice cube’s worth of Greenland ice-melt contributes new fresh water into the planet’s saltwater oceans, which affects sea levels and ocean currents, which in turn, increase coastal flooding from Miami to Montauk, not to mention the intensity of hurricanes and mega-rainstorms.

Time is running out to change how we make and use energy, grow plants and raise livestock, and the Biden Administration is determined to step up the tempo of national adjustment, which is more than enough to make Fox News wet its pants like a loosening Arctic ice sheet.

Biden bashes burgers, trumpeted Hannity and Carlson. Not true now and maybe never, but beef cattle are actually a major contributor to global warming. Yikes! Can we hold the ketchup to help us catch up more quickly with the climate danger?



Andrew Freedman is a climate and energy reporter for Axios, covering climate change.





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