Matt Vasilogambros, - Republican legislators campaign for voter suppression

Matt Vasilogambros,
Republican legislators campaign for voter suppression


Y’know the old joke about the guy who kills his mother and his father and asks for mercy from the court because he is an orphan? Well in statehouses across the country Republican legislators are reenacting this cruel joke, playing the role of the parricide, except they’ve changed their plea from mercy to a claim that if they can work their will with the deceased parents, they can bring them back to life better than before. 

Except it’s no joke and it’s not funny, after first assaulting public confidence in America’s electoral process with the endlessly asserted, endlessly refuted lie that Democrats stole the presidency from Donald Trump, they are offering a devil’s dream of voter-suppression ideas to “restore public confidence in elections.”

How many of these killer/reformers actually were voted into office in the same election whose integrity they have followed their cult leader in dishonestly denigrating? How “bittersweet it is” for them that the Trump Administration’s man in charge of voting security on Election Day called it “the most secure” election in American history.

Strange how all the alleged “massive fraud” the Big Liars proclaim stole his presidency from Trump was concentrated on just that one race, missing all of theirs, how all the bitterness bursts from Mar-a-Lago, while in most state capitols, Republican governors and legislators found the 2020 vote so, so sweet. 

Which is another way of saying, once you get past President Joe Biden and the unexpected two Senate wins in Georgia, the 2020 election dealt Democrats disappointment and disaster.

The disappointments came in several Senate races and a shrunken majority in the House, but disaster came at the state level, where Republican governors and legislative majorities get to shape elections for the next 10 years or more. Yes, the year after a Census is redistricting time, but combine expected gerrymandering with voter suppression aimed at people and districts likely to support Democrats and that 2020 vote was a disaster that keeps on taking.

Think about the impact of that.



Matt Vasilogambros reports for Stateline, a news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Before joining Pew, he was a writer and editor at The Atlantic, where he covered national politics and demographics. Previously, he was a staff correspondent at National Journal and has written for Outside. In 2017, he completed the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. He is a graduate of Drake University.




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