Dr Andrew Lustig, Global Outreach Doctors - Helping the Woman of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Dr Andrew Lustig, Global Outreach Doctors
Helping the Woman of the Democratic Republic of Congo


There are estimates that the mineral reserves of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are worth $24 trillion.  That should make Congo a rich country, but mineral reserves are extracted, along with much of their value, leaving Congo for the countries where the extraction industry is based.  And the mineral money that stays home stays in the pockets of political power and elite wealth.  Very little trickles down to the people.

Among the millions of poor people of the DRC, the poorest of the poor are women.

And among the poor women in Congo, the most desperate are found in the country’s eastern provinces, now beset by economic depression, an outbreak of Ebola, and an endless, chaotic series of local wars.  It is axiomatic that men fighting wars are often brutal to women.  In eastern Congo war has spawned widespread violence and rape.

Who is to help the survivors?  There are local resources, but they are stretched thin.  They need help…and who better to give it than Global Outreach Doctors, the Santa Fe-based non-government organization renowned for its medical rescue work in Jordan, Bengladesh and Kenya?



Dr. Andrew Lustig is a worldwide humanitarian Naturopathic Doctor/EMT/I and the President/Founder of Global Outreach Doctors. He has provided medical care in hospitals, ambulances, local clinics, mud huts and even under trees around the globe. For the past ten years Andrew has worked in disaster and poverty conditions in remote regions of the world including Haiti, Africa, Nepal, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Lesvos (GR), Syria border (JO) and the Amazon Jungle.









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