From Here:  Bourbons and Bourbons - One leaves you with a headache, the other leaves you without a head.

From Here: Bourbons and Bourbons
One leaves you with a headache, the other leaves you without a head.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) probably thinks of himself as representative of both kinds of Bourbon, the pre-eminent Kentucky whiskey, and the French royal family.  He’s closer to the second claim.  He is a Bourbon reactionary of the very sort that predicated and were eradicated by the French Revolution.

His time on the political scaffold could be just a few years off.

As for his association with Kentucky Bourbon whiskey, his real identity is more of a “sour mash” of immoral prevarication.

Here’s a fine recent example, prepping his fellow Senators for a useless exercise in kissing the ring of the worst President in American history, a vote on Trump’s “compromise offer” to reopen the Federal Government.”

“To reject this proposal,” McConnell said, “Democrats would have to prioritize political combat with the president ahead of federal workers, ahead of DACA recipients, ahead of border security, and ahead of stable and predictable government funding. Is that really a price that Democrats want to pay to prolong this episode, which they say they want to be over and done with?”

To begin filleting this stinking rhetorical fish, the shutdown was caused by the President, who once claimed he would be “proud” to “own it.”

The “federal workers [and] DACA recipients” Mitch cites are mere hostages to the President’s obsession with a wall that is unwanted by a majority of Americans and completely unnecessary to the demands of McConnell’s disingenuous concept of “border security.” 

As for his whining drawl about “stable and predictable government funding,” the main obstacles to that are Mr. Trump and his GOP enablers in the House and, now especially, the Senate where the Majority Leader himself stands as a wrinkled monument to dishonesty and cowardice.

As if using 800,000 innocent human being protected by DACA as pawns in his unwinnable fight for his putrid barrier weren’t degrading enough, the tricky Trumpster added a few m0re insults to his latest “compromise” plan.

As reported by the Washington Post, “The legislation specifies that children younger than 18 from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala cannot apply for asylum at U.S. border, and [would be required to] apply from their home country. The law would also create a new cap of 15,000 on the number of children who could qualify each year for the asylum program.  Additionally, the legislation says that children who qualify for this program can only do so if they have a U.S.-based guardian to care for them.” 

Add these additions up, and what you get is near-total exclusion of  young people with plausible asylum claims.

So, this is what Trump calls compromise: gimme my damn wall and shut the damn door on those kids fleeing American-born criminal gangs and criminal or overwhelmed American-supported governments in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Then and only then, says the great “compromiser,” will I give temporary and partial relief to a fraction of the DACA-eligibles and let Government reopen and Government employees resume getting their paychecks.

“Blackmail” is only the most obvious crime that Trump is committing and McConnell is aiding and abetting.  The Senator’s a Kentucky Bourbon alright; a reactionary ignobleman clinging to a discredited past in support of the last cretinic drop of tired “royal” blood.

Donald, son of Fred, is a real Louis XVI knockoff of hereditary decline (and by the way, I’d guess most Americans would find life under the “real royal” Louis XIV to be as awful as tenants found living in Fred Trump’s bare-bricked public housing in Brooklyn and Queens.)

As for Senator Mitch, grab yourself a piece of that Marie Antoinette cake and stuff it down the gobbler’s gizzard you shake at every microphone in sight.

No denying: it’s Trump’s shutdown, and McConnell and his fellow Republicans own their own little pieces of “shut.”



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