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Death and Denial
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In a statement, Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania said “these senseless acts of violence are not who we are as Americans.”

Oh yeah?  Where was Robert D. Bowers from?  Lower Slobbovia? No, Governor, he was from your home state in America, Pennsylvania.

And what about the pipe bomber from Florida, Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr.?  American to his core.  Not typical, thank God, but Americans.

And these guys are perfect examples, not of who we are, but where we’re at in America today.

Of course, when it comes to denial, no one can top the one person who, more than any other, brought us to this terrible place, American President, Donald J. Trump. 

Asked about America’s gun laws which allowed Bowers, who like Sayoc, gave repeated public (or at least on-line) testimonials to his mental imbalance and virulent, unrelenting hatred, to arm himself for mass murder, Our Leader said they had “little to do with it if you take a look.” 

Lax gun laws and Antonin Scalia’s twisted abuse of the Second Amendment had “little to do with it?”  What was Bowers carrying to the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh? Clubs and knives?  Bombs or poisons?  Nope, Robert Bowers brought an assault rifle and three handguns with him.

That a loud-mouthed (or like the President simply loud-thumbed) lout filled with bigoted grievances could so easily empower himself to kill is clear evidence, again, not of who we are as Americans, or even what poisonous political territory we now inhabit, but of the triumph of “Second Amendment” selfishness, hatred and fear over rule of law and civility.

It is telling that Trump’s solution to the problem is neither the application of law enforcement nor public civility.  It is in fact the opposite.  Trump would fight armed killers with armed vigilantes.  “If they had protection inside,” he says, “the results would have been far better.” 

How to stop armed intruders at our churches, synagogues and schools?  Shoot ‘em first.  As if the arrival of armed police to Tree of Life didn’t result in a gun battle and more casualties?

Raise your hand if you think the guard who shrank from engaging with the shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, would have been better employed to fire a gun at him?

How far would you trust his “situational awareness” and marksmanship?

Odd that there was no student movement at Douglas HS to up-arm against future crazed killers.  No, those kids, who were glad to escape with their lives, have campaigned to disarm would-be shooters through better and better-enforced laws to control access to firearms.

It did become necessary for heavily-armed officers to intervene, to save likes and take down Robert Bowers in Pittsburgh, and Cesar Sayoc in Florida and Nikolas Cruz at Parkland.  But wouldn’t it have been better to have identified them as unhinged and hate-filled people and taken away their guns before they could use them?

Please vote in the 2018 elections as if your life and your country were at stake.  Because they are.

Stop Trump before somebody else kills again and he denies any responsibility.  “See how nice I’m being,” he says, knowing we all know “nice,” like civil and law-abiding go against “who he is as an American.”



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