Aimee Allison, Founder “She the People”- Sex, politics, and the 2018 election campaign after the Kavanaugh hearings

Aimee Allison, Founder “She the People”
Sex, politics, and the 2018 election campaign after the Kavanaugh hearings


Just look at these numbers, says political analyst Steve Phillips, a former guest on this program and the author of Brown Is the New White.  Progressive people of color, he says, make up 23% of the voting population.  Progressive Whites make up 28%.  Put ‘em together and what have you got, a 51% majority of Americans eligible to vote.

The problem, Phillips is the first to admit, has been putting them together in the voting booth, and what has that failure created?  Well, look at these numbers:  Donald Trump was elected President by 46% of the national vote and Judge Brett Kavanaugh was promoted to Justice of the Supreme Court through the votes of Senators who represent 44% of American voters.

But those votes are over and done and we’re stuck with Trump until God, or a combination of Robert Mueller and the US Senate intervene, and Kavanaugh’s term could last a lifetime.

Frightening but true.  So, the vote that matters is the next one, in 2018, and the one after that in 2020, and Phillips argues adroitly that a new progressive majority could make a difference in both.  But will it?

Our guest today is working hard to make the answer to that last question “Yes.” 

Aimee Allison is an activist, and organizer, and a well-distributed political commentator and President of Democracy in Color, an organization focused on race, politics, and making the New American Majority real.  To that end, last month Aimee convened the She the People Summit in San Francisco, drawing hundreds of women together in support of progressive political change.


Aimee Allison is a thought leader, public speaker, writer, and expert on women of color in politics. She is president of Democracy in Color, a national political organization focused on race, politics, and the New American Majority. As host of the acclaimed “Democracy in Color” podcast, Aimee explores critical issues at the intersection of race and politics.

A highly experienced media commentator, Aimee has been an on-camera host for numerous outlets, including LinkTV and Comcast Newsmakers on CNN Headline News. She has appeared as a political commentator for various media outlets, including PBS, CBS, and Fox. Her writings have appeared in The New York Times, Essence, Teen Vogue, The Hill, Huffington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle.



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