FROM: HERE  - You're fired! - Tillerson not only didn’t know his job, he didn’t know who he was dealing with.

You're fired!
Tillerson not only didn’t know his job, he didn’t know who he was dealing with.


The lesson that Rex Tillerson seems never to have learned was what he’d been hired to do. 

It’s understandable that the title Secretary of State — his office in his building, taking up blocks of beautiful space in beautiful Foggy Bottom in Washington DC — could have distracted him. 

And there was history. Secretaries of State helped make and implement foreign policies. 

And there was culture.  People who called themselves world class CEOs hired their top executives, their Cabinet Officers, for their ability to think and act.

How could Tillerson have imagined that he had been pulled out of happy retirement, after decades of mega-success in the oil business, for anything less than the job of managing America’s relations with the world?

Close observation of Trump over many years would have helped him imagine. 

Just paying attention over the 2 years of his Presidential campaign should have clued him in.

But for Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, Donald Trump would not have been a person of significance or interest.

So, Tillerson not only didn’t know his job, he didn’t know who he was dealing with.

Which is why he was so blind-sided when President Trump fired him in a Tweet.

And that’s why Trump took so much pleasure in publicly cold-cocking his taller, richer, better-looking Secretary of State – he never saw it coming.  He thought he was too good.  He didn’t know who he was dealing with.

He didn’t know President Trump expects only one thing from the people he hire: that they agree with him.


2 days ago, on a trip to town, I saw 3 fruit trees in glorious blossom.  I saw only those 3, no more.  And this was in Albuquerque, at 5000 feet on the edge of the desert floor.  I live at 6875, and it will be weeks, maybe a month before our nectarine trees go pink.  But it’s coming.  I saw Spring in town.


Rex Tillerson’s successor Mike Pompeo not only agrees with his boss, “we’re on the same wavelength,” says Trump.

Think about that for a moment.  I mean that’s a real quote: “we’re on the same wavelength,” and Trump uses it frequently, about, for example, Benjamin Netanyahu and Teresa May, “we’re on the same wavelength.”

Tuned to what station?

Maybe the same one whose signals kept jamming in the head of Betsy DeVos during her recent big-time TV interviews on 60 Minutes and Today.  Bzzzzt.  Bzzzzt.

Funny, how much scarier things have suddenly gotten.




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