From: Here - Donald Trump: The Real and the Fakes -  It looks like the world is in for a new scourge: fake Trumps.

From: Here
Donald Trump: The Real and the Fakes
It looks like the world is in for a new scourge: fake Trumps.


It looks like the world is in for a new scourge: fake Trumps.

“Fake news” is so last year; now we have news of fake Trumps.  Wannabe Donald Trumps, but … fakers. 

Some of the fake Trumps are real Trumps, who try to act like the real Donald, but – really — Don Jr?  Eric? Fake Trumps! 

And there’s Ed Gillespie who ran for Governor of Virginia like he was the second — racist, nationalist blowhard — coming of Trump.  The real Trump all but called him a fake after he lost badly.  

The latest really fake Trump is a British politician named Michael Gove.  Gove is described as one of Prime Minister Teresa May’s “senior cabinet ministers.”  Gove wanted to be Prime Minister, and among the 3 leading candidates, he was the racist, nationalist one…the Trumpish one.  Voters sensed he was fake.  He quickly withdrew from the race.

Now, Environment Minister Gove is praising May for her “tenacity and skill” in negotiating the first stage of a Brexit agreement with the European Community. What’s so Trumpish about that?  It ignores and misstates reality. The 3 main conclusions of the Round 1 Brexit negotiations look like defeats for the UK.

First, all the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens in Britain and British citizens living in the countries of the EU will be settled by the EU Court of Justice.  

Second, the border between Ireland (staying) and Northern Ireland (leaving) will be “open,” effectively “Un-Brexit” because majorities on both sides of the border won’t stand for anything else.

Third, there’s the payment the UK will have to make to the EU to secure its exit pass.

What British taxpayers will have to cough up to leave the EU is being hidden from them for now, by a conspiracy of embarrassed Brits and complicit Europeans.  Mrs. May had opened the bidding at 20 billion Euros, but the agreed-upon figure is being guesstimated at 50 billion or more, meaning all of May’s hard bargaining may have netted her a discount as small as 10% off the EU’s opening bid.

But Gove says no one should worry about that, because he has a solution: a perfectly Trumpian solution: Demand a ”do-over!”

“If the British people dislike the arrangement that we have negotiated with the EU,” Gove says, “a future government” will be free to make changes. 

That’s a real Trump trademark: punching after the bell.  We’ve seen it aggressively put to use in attempts to re-negotiate NAFTA and the nuclear agreement with Iran. 

Generations of investors in Trump projects gone bust, and customers or contractors who did business with some Trump Tower, Casino, Airline or University have seen this act before. They’ve seen Donald Trump sign a contract and then try to bend, break, twist or chisel it to his own advantage. 

Endless litigation works best when your opponent lacks resources comparable to your own, or in Trump’s case, where his resources included corrupt politicians and people with connections to organized crime, as in his most successful venues, the states of New York and New Jersey. 

Well, pettifoggery ain’t gonna stop Robert Mueller, nor will some shtarker from the Carpenters Union.  And neither sheisters nor mobsters will change the balance of negotiating power between a UK government that desperately needs a Brexit agreement and an EU establishment that doesn’t.

Teresa May’s end of that negotiating stick was short enough before her little friend in the Cabinet suggested the UK would not feel bound to accept anything the Brexit negotiations produce.  Now Gove and a half-dozen more mouth-snipers inside her Tory Party have left the PM undercut and pathetic.

The English have a word for his kind of underhanded ineptitude – the word is trumpery.  Our word for Michael Gove is fakery; fake Trump.

And here’s worse news, there will be more fakes to come, even after the original is finished.




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