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From: Here
Judge For Life


I have a question for Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, Mike Crapo, Thom Tillis, John Kennedy.  Senators, do you have a brain?  Or just a Party?

These 11 Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted unanimously to approve a lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge for a guy who literally endorses the rule of the gun over the rule of law.

Brett Talley has never tried a case.  In fact, he only became a lawyer 3 years ago.  The highlight of his legal career was, he says he thinks he remembers, that once, instead of just carrying papers to a courthouse for then-Alabama Attorney General, and presently briefly, Senator Luther Strange, he was actually let into the courtroom to listen to a case.

On those credentials alone, the American Bar Association’s judicial rating committee, unanimously rated him “unqualified.”

So, second question:  Senators, you are all lawyers yourselves. Do you have a profession, or just a Party?

Even Sasse, who markets himself as a “thoughtful” conservative, and Grassley, a notorious “maverick,“ and the allegedly independent Graham, voted in lockstep with the Party leader, President Donald Trump.  Who else could have nominated someone as conspicuously unprepared as Talley. 

And what can one ask Flake, who just incinerated his political career by denouncing President Trump’s disgraceful record, after he committed this act of “party loyalty.”

Do you have principles, or just a Party?

Talley may have been too busy writing speeches for Mitt Romney or shuffling papers for Luther Strange actually to practice law, but he did find plenty of time to devote to his career as a shit-hot conservative blogger.

In response to one of his blog rants, a fan commented, “We will have to resort to arms when our other rights — of speech, press, assembly, representative government — fail to yield the desired results.”

To that, the Los Angeles Times has reported, Brett Talley responded: “I agree completely with this.’”

Please read carefully the comment with which Talley completely agreed.  “Resort to arms” the commenter wrote, is justified, NOT when our rights to free “speech, press, assembly and representative government” are taken away from us, but when they “fail to yield the desired results.”

Don’t like an argument made by a speaker or a journalist, don’t like the response it gets from a group, or a legislature?  Then, Hell, go for your gun.

That’s a concept the 36 year old Talley, who without divine intervention, could be a Federal Judge for 40 years or more, completely and publicly endorses.  And for all 11 Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it is being confidently predicted, for all 52 Republicans in the U.S. Senate, this qualifies him to be a Judge.

Let me take a wild guess that every one of these fine folks is a firm proponent of “individual responsibility.”

So, Senators, do you have a brain, a profession, principles or a country to whom you hold yourselves responsible?  Or just a Party?




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