From: Here - The Series Ate My Homework

From: Here
The Series Ate My Homework

Hey, been watching the World Series?  I have, including the 5 hours-plus Game 5 last night.  Loved every minute of it.

I know, I coulda, shoulda been writing my weekly From: HERE.

But I wasn’t. I was watching one of the greatest ballgames ever played, and, as you can tell, I am unrepentant.

Besides, I was also paralyzed by anticipation, waiting to find out who Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be charging, and for what crimes in his investigation of President Trump’s alleged relations with and obligations to Russia.

Oh, it’s Manafort; knew it all the time.  Don’t know the other guy, but I’m sure we will.

So, kids, no school today.

Yaaaay!  Let’s have ice cream.

I hope I have something to say next week, but ya never know.

Great week of HERE & THERE’s coming up….the great photo-journalist Paula Bronstein has been on on one of her toughest assignments.  She’ll tell us Monday about  covering the expulsion of at least 600,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.

On Tuesday, one my favorite New Mexico reporters, the environment specialist Laura Paskus, on one of my favorite New Mexico topics, water.  Not only are the warmer temperatures associated with climate change robbing more water from surface streams and reservoirs, but “investors” are plotting to sell aquifer water out from under the people whose wells are threatened with going dry.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday, 2 programs on North Korea.  On Wednesday, Bruce Bennett of the RAND Corporation, one of the most respected experts on Northeast Asia, looks at the geo-strategic aspects of the crisis, as seen from Washington and from Seoul, from which he has recently returned.

And speaking of recent returnees, Carol Giacomo, the fine foreign correspondent who now serves on the Editorial Board of the NY Times, is just back from Pyongyang, where she saw some things that surprised her, including strong evidence of growing individualism as expressed in the accessories kids wear along with their uniforms for school.

Sharp eyewitness observations, cogent contextual analysis, just the sorts of things we like to offer on HERE & THERE.

Please join us at

And revel in this week’s superb editorial cartoons by Amy Marash.

Oh, did I mention that The ABQ Kid, Alex Bregman won Game 5 for the Astros?




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