A Paramilitary Religious Cult in the New Mexico Desert is Accused of Fostering Child Abuse and Rape.- Russell Contreras, AP - Monday 10/9

A Paramilitary Religious Cult in the New Mexico Desert is Accused of Fostering Child Abuse and Rape.
Russell Contreras, AP
Monday 10/9

The town of Fence Lake reportedly got its name from a small basin that would, in winter, catch what water there was in this desert area of Southwestern New Mexico.  The first ranchers to come out that way, 60 miles south of the nearest town, Gallup, fenced their part-of-the-year lake to keep animals out.  The “lake”’s long ago gone dry.

According to local records, 42 people live in Fence Lake, but that probably doesn’t include the conspicuously uncounted number of people living on the 1000 acres of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps property on the eastern edge of the town.

Who lives on the property, in addition to the ACMTC leaders, International Generals James and Deborah Green, and their son Joshua, and their associate Mike Brandon, also known as Peter Green, became an issue for local law enforcement when they got a tip that a 12 year old boy, who had died on the property in 2014, was buried there.

When the County Sheriff exhumed the body, they determined Enoch Miller had died of natural causes, a bad case of flu, but that officially he had been a non-person, since neither his birth nor his death had been legally registered. They also found a second buried body, and had even less information about whom that might have been.

When asked about her resident population, Deborah Green responded, “the number of people here changes continually as men and women and their children go out on missions and others come in for refreshing in the vision.”

Intl Gen. Deborah Green says people come and go all the time, but over the years, several of the people who left the Corps said they’d been kicked out, and forcibly separated from their children, while others said they had escaped a cult which imposed on them a life of near-slavery.

The Aggressive Christianity Military Training Corp’s other Intl Gen. James Green has publicly laid out his theology and some would say, his doctrine tends to confirm those charges: God, he says, “is not content to merely set us free, but longs to “turn our capacity”; that is, He longs to bring us back into His captivity.  

12 Year old Enoch Miller seems to have been under some captivity, when his flu went untreated, and he died.  The Greens say they begged the boy’s mother to take him to a doctor.  Deborah Miller, who says she “escaped” from the Fence Lake cult, says it was she who begged to have Enoch taken to a hospital and Greens who refused.

Deborah Miller, the 4 Military Training Corps Greens, James, Deborah, Peter and James and Deborah’s son Joshua, and 4 other cult members are all being held on charges including child abuse, and failing to register births and deaths.  The 4 cult members are charged with trying to spirit away up to 11 children from the Fence Lake community before they could be questioned by the FBI.  

The investigation headed by Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace is centered on the death of Enoch Miller, and the alleged serial rape of a Ugandan girl who says she was not only a captive but a slave of the Greens for several years before she was taken away from the cult by the NM Dept of Children, Youth and Family Services.



Russell Contreras is a law enforcement and immigration reporter/photographer/videographer at The Associated Press in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Before moving back to New Mexico, Contreras worked for the Associated Press in Boston where he helped with coverage of the death of U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and wrote about DREAMers and Iraqi refugees.  Contreras teaches composition at the University of New Mexico-Valencia. He has worked at the Boston Globe and the Albuquerque Journal, and he has been an active member of the Native America Journalists Association.  Russ has 3 times been a guest on HERE & THERE, discussing the Santa Muerte Cult in the US and Mexico; heroin and opiate abuse on Native American reservations and pueblos, and the debate over what kind of driver’s licenses to issue for undocumented people.










































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