APOLOGIA PRO VITA SUA, Translation: "Take Me Seriously.”
Yesterday's News

Nothing, it is said, is as dead as yesterday’s news.

This is, of course, a complete lie to begin with, and in my own case, a direct attack on what I’ve been up to professionally for the last 3 years

HERE & THERE, my 4 times weekly radio program and podcast, is all about yesterday’s news, all about understanding stories whose beginning, middle and end, not to mention their impact, will cover days, weeks, months or more.

Of course, I had no choice. Neither I nor my host station KSFR FM 101.1 in Santa Fe, NM, is equipped to respond to today’s news with programming that would not be redundant and inferior.

But it turns out, looking back in a way which allows me to pre-record my programs and distribute them while imposing the lowest possible maintenance load on the station, is compatible with, for me, very satisfying journalism.

By the time I get to a story, what happened is already in pretty full view, probable causes are identifiable and likely consequences may already be taking shape.  And even more important, journalists who’ve been reporting the story and analysts who specialize in the subject can spare the time to think and talk about what they’ve observed.  

Yesterday’s news doesn’t die for a long time, if ever.  

Anybody here think yesterday’s dead just disappear?  Past events and ideas about them, like anecdotes and memories of people, linger, often to lasting effect.

It’s never too late to “get” yesterday’s news.

As commodities, outdated newspapers, superseded by events or later editions, were dead.  Or, at least, they were unsellable, consigned to wrapping fish.  Even though, to curious readers, they could be great sources of entertainment or information.

These days, where news commodities frequently arrive live and are constantly updated there is a tendency for news media to lock-in to looking forward.  But the absence of historical perspective or even time-stopping consideration does have a predictable consequence.  

People and nations who only live in the present tense and always project forward are the ones reality tends to bite on the ass.



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