Repeal or Ruin - Dave's weekly Preview and Rant

Repeal or Ruin
Dave's weekly Preview and Rant


Although Donald Trump proposed a policy of Repeal and Replace the ACA, his real policy from the start has been Repeal or Ruin, and his most recent rants to the effect of “We’re now stuck with Obamacare,” is, typically enough, a flat-out lie.

What we are stuck with is a flawed Obamacare, severely undermined by Trump’s reckless actions in removing sign-up mandates and discouraging re-enlistments in the plan. These reprehensible actions have reduced the number of enrollees and, thereby raised premiums, leaving many people uninsured, out in the medical cold, and many, many more people paying more for their coverage.

This dishonest, possibly deranged President is blaming the baker after he took a crap on the Birthday cake.

Anyone who cares about THE PEOPLE, has he loves to call them, would set the self-titled and entitled Freedom Caucus adrift from the Republican party they love to torment and show them exactly what 33 or fewer votes in Congress add up to: 33 powerless assholes.

***This is another Santa Fe City Council meeting week, so HERE & THERE will be offering 3 shows.

On Monday, we consider 2 literary questions about Iraq. What will the country be like 100 years after the US-led invasion of 2003? And what is it like to be professional writer in, or exiled from Iraq. Our guest Anoud al-Anoud contributed to a new book called Iraq + 100 in which 10 writers engage with the first question. As to the second question, the facts that Anoud is a pseudonym and she lives and writes as an expatriate are both suggestive. The 10 stories in the book are as different as their authors, but most of them share some qualities that are also informative.

On Tuesday, we take a look at the recently completed NM Legislative Session with Matthew Reichbach, the editor of the excellent news-site the New Mexico Political Report. Not just coyotes got a raw deal, and the session ended with a series of vetoes by Gov. Martinez of fairly innocuous bills that won wide bi-partisan support. The one attempt at an override ended with the Republicans in the House sustaining the Governor’s judgments over their own.

Wednesday is the Council Meeting day, a fine time to sample from the archive of past HERE & THEREs on our SHOWS page.

Finally, on Thursday, we talk with Alan Miller, founder and CEO of The News Literacy Project now teaching students in all 50 States and 38 foreign countries how to spot fake news and how to enrich your appreciation of excellent journalism. We also talk about the Trump proposition that journalists at some of the most respected platforms for American journalism are “enemies of the American people.

Helping you envision our discussion are the fabulous illustrations by Amy Marash.




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