One nation under Trump - Dave's rant and Previews

One nation under Trump
Dave's rant and Previews

I’m sure you all know it, I memorized it by heart in first grade, The Pledge of Allegiance to “one nation, indivisible.”

Of all the many things Donald Trump and his band of billionaire predators want to cut out of the heart of America, the most basic is our indivisibility.

Instead, this unscrupulous career overdog wants to substitute, “every man, woman and child for him or herself,” and the Devil take the hindmost. In Trump’s budget we see his values. Damage America’s national health, destroy America’s welfare, and above all, re-empower the already too rich and powerful by freeing them from regulation under law.

His unfounded accusation against his predecessor of “wire-tapping Trump Tower” seems to have awakened even his most slavish GOP followers. Hopefully, his vicious budget assault on the public services that guarantee decent lives for all Americans, rich and poor, male and female, gay and straight, will jar his voters out of their self-destructive coma.

Of course, this will matter in 2018 and 2020 only if the Democrats also wake up, not just to Trump’s many iniquities, but to own their vacancies in strategies, principles and leadership. Becoming the New Party of No will not serve — not serve the party, and much more important, not serve the American people.

What will save us all is a positive return to the shared values that made America and its people, indivisible.

**This week is Fund-Raising Week at KSFR. I hope you will be moved to help community radio, one of the many victims of Trump’s anti-public budgeting priorities.

Monday will be our only full 50-minute conversation this week, with Associated Press’ Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Mitch Weiss. Mitch spent 18 months working on the story of an abusive North Carolina-based religious cult, the Word of Faith Fellowship. Another great example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

For the rest of the week, we address local issues in shorter, roughly 30-minute chats.

Tuesday, environmental reporter Laura Paskus of the NM Political Report looks at the likely impacts of Trump’s rollback of the Obama EPA’s methane emissions regulations on a state already disfigured by the biggest methane plume in North America.

Wednesday, investigative reporter Jeff Proctor of NM In Depth and the Santa Fe Reporter explains why New Mexico has denied parole to all but 6 of 89 applicants who have already served at least 30 years in prison. It has to do with one powerful and rigid person, Parole Board Chair Sandy Dietz.

Thursday, Bryan Bird of Defenders of Wildlife tell us how Trump’s border wall will increase the likelihood of some native animals going extinct. Prepare to say goodbye to jaguars, ocelots and the Mexican Grey Wolf.

As usual, we feature wonderful illustrations on our website, beautifully done by Amy Marash.



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