Tuesday 2/28 - Dr. Andrew Lustig - Global Outreach Doctors - Providing medical care for refugees from the Battle for Mosul

Tuesday 2/28
Dr. Andrew Lustig
Global Outreach Doctors
Providing medical care for refugees from the Battle for Mosul

Usually, when we say some is looking for trouble, it’s meant as a warning, because the assumption is, they’re looking to cause trouble, just for the Hell of it.

But Andrew Lustig is always looking for trouble, that he and his team of Global Outreach Doctors — physicians, naturopathic doctors like himself, psychologists and acupuncturists, nurses and technicians can help relieve.

9 months ago, when first we conversed on HERE & THERE, Dr Lustig was just back from helping in northern Jordan, along the Syrian border, in a huge, well-established refugee camp called Zaatar, and in a few smaller, more improvised camps of Syrian refugees.

Now, he’s back from another tour in the Middle East, this time in the Jordanian capitol of Amman, then to Iraqi Kurdistan from Erbil, east of Mosul, to Dohuk, near Iraq’s western border with Turkey, with visits in Iraq’s Nineveh Province, to one of the biggest and a few of the fastest-growing camps for people fleeing the battle of Mosul, the Islamic State’s last major city in Iraq.

Back in beautiful northern New Mexico just a few days, and Andrew Lustig was monitoring the aftermath of a 6.7 Richter scale earthquake in the southeastern Philippines.  The UN’s Global Disaster Alert agency had predicted: “This earthquake is expected to have a high humanitarian impact.  If early reports are accurate, things could have been worse.  8 dead, 200 injured and 1000 homes damaged near the provincial capitol Surigao.

Reading the news reports from Surigao it sounds like government authorities are dealing with the situation.  Is this aftermath something local people can handle?


Dr. Andrew Lustig is a worldwide humanitarian Naturopathic Doctor/EMT/I and the President/Founder of Global Outreach Doctors. He has provided medical care in hospitals, ambulances, local clinics, mud huts and even under trees around the globe. For the past ten years Andrew has worked in disaster and poverty conditions in remote regions of the world including Haiti, Africa, Nepal, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Lesvos (GR), Syria border (JO) and the Amazon Jungle.






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