Thursday 11/17 - Carlos Lauria - The Committee to Protect Journalists - Press Freedom in Cuba

Thursday 11/17
Carlos Lauria
The Committee to Protect Journalists
Press Freedom in Cuba

or you can work online where almost no one in Cuba will be able to see your work.

Nice, huh? Well, to most Cubans with an interest in the news, — either working at it, or just consuming it, — this is considered such progress that investigating journalists working for the NY-based Committee to Protect Journalist were told, more and more wannabe newspeople are staying home rather than trying to leave the country..

Because Cuba is slowly, slowly freeing its economic markets, and where markets have a will, they’ll find a way. So, even though the only legal news comes from official, state-controlled media, and illegal news providers risk harassment, arrest and even prison, more and more Cuban online news sites and blogs are appearing, and more and more Cubans are finding ways to access their material through cellphone email networks.

Then there’s the off-line product called “The Packet,” which the CPJ Report CONNECTIVE CUBA described as – “a weekly collection of TV programs, films, and stories from international news outlets and Cuba’s independent press that are downloaded from the internet and sold to Cubans on USB sticks and DVDs for a dollar.”

The CPJ team that went to look at journalism in Cuba estimated that half the country’s population accesses content through The Packet.

That’s a hungry news market, and more and more it must have its way if political reforms promised 6 years ago by Raul Castro are ever to take meaningful effect.



Carlos Lauria is the Committee to Protect Journalist’s program director and senior program coordinator for the Americas, is a widely published journalist. A native of Buenos Aires, he has written extensively for Noticias, the leading Spanish-language newsmagazine.




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