August 23, 2016 - David Cay Johnston

August 23, 2016
David Cay Johnston

One of the perennial tragi-comedies of professional wrestling was the double-disqualification, in which, to cite on example, two wrestlers would bang heads, and knock each other out, winding up face down on the canvas, silent and unmoving, each unable to finish off the other, but combining to create a bigger pay night down the road when the inevitable re-match was booked.

More frequently the double-DQ would result from such dramatic and outrageous transgressions of the so-called rules of the so-called sport that the referee, the ruler of law in the pro-wrestling ring, would have to dismiss both contestants…and, yes, set up a lucrative re-match for which both wrestlers would promise better behavior.

May I be so mean-spirited as to suggest that America’s political and judicial leaders should at least be researching application of a double-disqualification in this year’s President race.

As The Daily Beast’s National Security Correspondent Shane Harris told us two weeks ago, Democratic Party heavyweights are biting their nails, fearful of a release of more hacked documents, and wondering if any of them might seriously damage the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

On the other hand, the Republican candidate Donald Trump, tearing through campaign managers as if they were boxes of anti-bacterial handi-wipes, has loyal Republican Party bigwigs tearing out their hair over his daily assaults on truth, civility and what was once conceived of as the American way.

As The New York Times recently put it, “Donald J. Trump’s struggling candidacy has now become a direct threat to Republican control of Congress, significantly increasing the likelihood that Democrats will take control of the Senate and cut substantially into the House Republican majority next year.”

We could be an “October surprise” or two away from a national demand for a do-over of the nominating process.

The tasteless joke that is the Trump candidacy is the culmination of career of lies, deceptions and vicious impositions.  Few journalists have followed Trump’s career more closely and critically than our guest today, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston whose just published book is The Making of Donald Trump.



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