June 13, 2016 - Gregory Katz

June 13, 2016
Gregory Katz

It’s come to this. America could elect a President with a one-plank platform – “Tell ‘em all to go to Hell!”  The media, and lists of hated reporters, his primary opponents, practically each and every one, he told ‘em –…

Now it’s fellow Republicans who haven’t endorsed him, and his Presidential opponents – that lying, that crooked, that crazy, that … awww just tell ‘em all to go to Hell. Mexicans, Muslims, judges, — GO TO…

That emotion…that “get every damn thing that’s diminished my life or the prospects for my children OFF MY BACK! …and blame somebody!” is burning through the politics of the United Kingdom.

On June 23, citizens of the United Kingdom will vote on whether or not to continue their national membership in the European Union.

Why would they quit? See if this formula – the argument of the leavers — sounds familiar? Staying in the E.U., they say, means more immigrants, who steal your jobs and depress your wages and change our culture, and bigger government, that takes our money and give us rules and regulations that crimp our Freedom and national identity.

Helping this resentment work for Trump, and for the people behind the Brexit movement, is this: there are many good arguments against Trump and against leaving the E.U., but almost every one of the people who make them, can be seen as pillars of the Establishment which increased inequality to line their pockets, and who lots of people are mad at.

Polls say, on June 23, as in America on November 8, “tell ‘em all to go to Hell” has a real chance of winning.

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Gregory Katz is the London Bureau Chief for the Associated Press (AP).






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