June 6, 2016 - Lisa Lerer

June 6, 2016
Lisa Lerer

The Presidential campaign of 2016 is looking more and more like a TV game show entitled, “Can You Swallow This?”

I use swallow in the conventional metaphoric sense of, can you actually believe what he or she just said, and the more literal-ish one, can you ingest and digest what is being offered as political, nay Presidential, debate this year, without wanting to heave?

Our guest today has been at the apex of our latest campaign triangle, covering the Hillary Clinton campaign as she battles Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination to run for President against Donald Trump.

We’re going to talk with Associated Press National Politics Reporter Lisa Lerer about what promises to be the ugliest Presidential race in American history, but we’re also going to get her perspective on the process and the subject of covering Ms. Clinton. Lisa has a fine perspective on that, obtained while writing the foreword to AP’s re-publication of an up-dating of the classic of Political Reporting, The Girls in the Van. In the book AP Political reporter Beth Harpaz reflects on her experience covering Hillary Clinton’s 2000 campaign to become the US Senator from New York, and on the changes in reporting personnel and technology over the past 16 years.

Reading Room

Lisa Lerer is a Washington-based National Political Correspondent for the Associated Press.

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The Girls In The Van by Beth J. Harpaz



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