March 16 & 17, 2016 - Laura Paskus

March 16 & 17, 2016
Laura Paskus

It’s called stare decisis, Latin for “let the decision stand,” and it’s one of the most important principles of English and American law. When a court follows stare decisis it is following precedent, doing what its predecessors have done. “In the United States,” say several legal dictionaries, “courts seek to follow precedent whenever possible, seeking to maintain stability and continuity in the law….

But not the current version of The U.S. Supreme Court.  Laura Paskus on a legal decision with a big impact on New Mexico and the American environment.

Reading Room

“Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama’s Efforts to Regulate Coal Emissions” – The New York Times

“Supreme Court freezes Obama plan to limit carbon emissions” – The Washington Post

“State sovereignty at the heart of mining act” – New Mexico In Depth

“Martinez Energy Plan Lacks Long-Term Focus” – New Mexico In Depth

“Deal to lift oil ban fits NM’s multiple choice energy agenda” – New Mexico In Depth

“Feds Put Moratorium on New Coal Leases” – New Mexico In Depth

“Aztec Goes (Sort Of) Solar” – New Mexico In Depth

“Lawsuit says BHP retaliated against ex-employee” – Farmington Daily Times

“Coal company bankruptcies jeopardize reclamation” – High Country News



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