March 2, 2016 - Shane Harris

March 2, 2016
Shane Harris

The question is, are intelligence commanders at the US Military’s Central Command aka CENTCOM distorting or suppressing some judgments about this important war to make analysts’ reports say just what the Obama White House wants them to?

Shane Harris, National Security Correspondent for The Daily, has been not just following this story, but frequently leading the journalistic pack in breaking important details: Among them, a quantification of how deeply divided the CENTCOM analysts are about what’s been happening to their work.


Reading Room

“Exclusive: Whistleblowers Warned Top Spy About Skewed ISIS Intel” – The Daily Beast

“40% of CENTCOM Intel Pros Warn: ISIS Info Flawed” – The Daily Beast

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“Iran’s Mysterious American Prisoner Claimed He Was An FBI Informant. Oops.” – The Daily Beast

“How ISIS Actually Lost Ramadi” – The Daily Beast

“America’s ‘Plan B’ for Syria Has a Very Ugly Past” – Defense One

“On Syria: Thank you, Russia!” – The Boston Globe

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“Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath” – Huffington Post

“The Islamic State Has Launched an Assault on the Outskirts of Baghdad” – VICE News



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