Amos Kamil - March 1, 2016

Amos Kamil
March 1, 2016

It began as a memory of a memory: our guest today, author Amos Kamil’s recollection of a terrible story of sexual abuse and victimization told him by a school mate on a camping trip years after they had both graduated from the famous NY Prep School Horace Mann.

The memory became a mission, Kamil says, when he was confronted by news coverage of the sex abuse scandal at Penn State University in 2011.

Could there have been a similar situation at Horace Mann?  Were there many more victims that his friend? were there years of abuses were they enabled by the school’s leaders?  Answering those questions became Amos Kamil’s mission.

Reading Room

“Prep School Predators: The Horace Mann School’s Secret History of Sexual Abuse” – The New York Times

“Horace Mann alum details shocking sexual abuse of students at elite prep school in new book” – New York Daily News 

“Behind the Cover Story: Amos Kamil on Sexual Abuse at Horace Mann” – The New York Times

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“‘Great Is the Truth’ Amos Kamil explores Horace Mann sexual abuse scandal” – Chicago Tribune

“Horace Mann’s History of Sexual Abuse Won’t Go Away” – Newsweek

“Over 200 Members of German Choir Were Abused, Investigator Says” – The New York Times




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