February 29, 2016 - Nina Burleigh

February 29, 2016
Nina Burleigh

Nina Burleigh, has been reporting on the Primaries in her role as Newsweek’s National Politics Correspondent.  Oh, the things she’s seen and heard,.

Reading Room

“The Rubio and Cruz Delusion” – The New Yorker

“In Republican Debate, a Feisty Marco Rubio Lays Into Donald Trump” – The New York Times

“What You Missed in the Debate” – The New York Times

“Donald Trump is Focus of Attacks in the Republican Debate” – The New York Times

“Five Big Questions After a G.O.P. Debate That Targeted Trump” – The New York Times

“What Is Marco Rubio Waiting For?” – The New York Times

“The Secret Side of Donald Trump” – The New York Times

“Donald Trump Has New Reason for Not Releasing Tax Returns: I.R.S. is Picking On Him” – The New York Times

“Ted Cruz Says Rubio Would Be ‘a Much Better President’ Than Trump” – The New York Times

“Republican debate turns nasty as Rubio lays into Trump” – The Guardian

“Republican debate in Texas: 11 things we learned” – The Guardian

“Marco Rubio mocks and spars with Donald Trump in 10th GOP debate” – The Washington Post

“The attack on Fortress Trump begins” – The Washington Post

“Winners and losers from the 10th Republican presidential debate” – The Washington Post



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