February 23, 2016 - Patricia Sabga

February 23, 2016
Patricia Sabga

Let us envision a meeting of the leadership of the so-called coalition to defeat the terrorist group, the Islamic State.  The question is put forward, for whom is defeating IS the #1 priority in Syria? OK, Uncle Sam, I see your hand.  Anyone else?  Guess not.

Alright, who thinks defeating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the top priority here?  I see: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar.  Thank you.

Now, whose top priority is keeping President Assad in power?  Russia? Yes, and Iran.

And there’s one group that hasn’t raised its hand yet, the Kurds, what’s most important to you?  I see, nothing to do with either IS or Assad, you want to expand and stabilize Kurdish control over northern Syria.

Wait, wait, the Turkish delegate is raising his hand.  You want to change your vote?  I see, your #1 priority is to prevent the Kurds from controlling anything West of the Euphrates River, and really, nowhere east of it either.

Do we see a problem here?  Al Jazeera America’s Patricia Sabga does.




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