February 18, 2016 - Kathryn Schulz

February 18, 2016
Kathryn Schulz

This summer, our guest today, New Yorker journalist Kathryn Schulz wrote what may be the most powerful story of her life.  It also must have been one of the most painful she will ever have to report. Schulz wrote in a long, deeply researched story, that the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, northern California, Oregon, Washington and the SW corner of Canada faced a very real threat of mass-scale death and destruction from seismic shock, from a huge earthquake followed by a tsunami that be of about the same scale as one that swamped the Fukushima nuclear power plant and much of the NE coast of Japan in March 2011.


Reading Room

“The Really Big One” The New Yorker

“How To Stay Safe When The Big One Comes” The New Yorker

“Quake, Tsunami Experts Advise Nervous Northwesterners On Preparing For The Big One” Oregon Live

“How Worried Should We Be About The Earthquake Heading For The Pacific Northwest?” Fusion

“Moment Of Science: An Epic Quake? The Real Story Behind The Really Big One” The Daily of the University of Washington



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