February 11, 2016 - Linda Robinson

February 11, 2016
Linda Robinson

In a rapidly changing world, the US military has sometimes had a hard time keeping up.  A frequently-heard charge is that our military commanders are caught fighting the latest war, as if it were the last one.  Former front-line journalist, now RAND Corporation analyst Linda Robinson on the new units and new tactics that are being developed for the war against the Islamic State.

Listen to the show here.

Reading Room

Linda Robinson Author Page – RAND Corporation

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Special Warfare: The Missing Middle in U.S. Coercive Options” – RAND Corporation

“Lessons From 13 Years of War Point to a Better U.S. Strategy” – RAND Corporation

“The Challenges of the ‘Now’ and Their Implications for the U.S. Army” – RAND Corporation

“What’s Next For Anbar?” – Al-Monitor

“What Can 200 U.S. Commandos Actually Accomplish In Iraq?” – Foreign Policy



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