September 1, 2015 - Sarah Kendzior

September 1, 2015
Sarah Kendzior

You can drive your car in Russia without your pants, says one activist, but never drive without a dashcam…and he’s less than half-joking. Journalist and scholar Sarah Kendzior on dashcams, smartphones and other weapons of digital democratization in the Central Asian states once part of the Soviet Union.

August 24, 2015 - Patricia Sabga

August 24, 2015
Patricia Sabga

First the Chinese economy starts to sputter, then the domestic Chinese stock market crashes, and finally China devalues its currency and for the first time in years, lets the market replace the government in setting the value of the Renminbi. Al Jazeera America’s economics correspondent Patricia Sabga helps us sort things out, on HERE AND THERE.

July 22, 2015 - Rick Rowden

July 22, 2015
Rick Rowden

It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership, and President Obama sees it as part of his legacy.  But analyst Rick Rowden, who writes for says, TPP’s is likely to be more riches for the rich, more job losses for American workers, less regulation of multi-national corporations, and a free pass for them around laws passed by Congress.

June 11, 2015 - Patrick Thibodeau

June 11, 2015
Patrick Thibodeau

250 IT employees at Team Disney are laid off, but not before they are forced to train their foreign replacements. Patrick Thibodeau of on how the H1B visa system is costing Americans their jobs and lowering wage scales for many so-called STEM job-seekers in Science, technology, engineering and mathematics workplaces

June 3, 2015 - Max Flight

June 3, 2015
Max Flight

It’s all but certain: there are gonna be a lot more drones in our everyday life, doing everything from reforestation and crop management to search and rescue service in emergencies and delivery of books, boxes and pizzas. UAV expert “Max Flight” on how to have all these things and protect our privacy and safety as well.



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