APOLOGIA PRO VITA SUA, Translation: "Take Me Seriously.”

Nothing, it is said, is as dead as yesterday’s news. This is, of course, a complete lie to begin with, and in my own case, a direct attack on what I’ve been up to professionally for the last 3 years. HERE & THERE, my 4 times weekly radio program and podcast, is all about yesterday’s news, all about understanding stories whose beginning, middle and end, not to mention their impact, will cover days, weeks, months or more. Of course, I had no…

5 Funerals and a Preview

5 Funerals and a Preview

Dear Friends and supporters, At my age, I approach each day’s obituaries with high interest, and a mix of sympathetic dread and secret, ignoble, survivor’s triumph. Today I read of the deaths of 5 people who affected my life in some, at least glancing way.  2 of them were sports heroes of my youth; I’ll save them for last. First let me do my worst:  2 folks I don’t mind missing:  Hootie Johnson was the driving reactionary force at the…



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