September 10, 2015 - Patrick Malone

September 10, 2015
Patrick Malone

Management at Sandia labs uses money meant to go to cutting edge research to lobby Congress to extend its contract …while long-standing safety failures at Los Alamos Labs shut down 2 crucial programs for years. Who gets punished? Investigative reporter Patrick Malone says the answer is – nobody.

September 8, 2015 - Nancy Hollander

September 8, 2015
Nancy Hollander

Could using a toothpaste past its sell-by date put a prisoner into solitary confinement? A military hearing decided the answer for Chelsea Manning was no, but just holding a hearing to ask the question, her lawyer Nancy Hollander says, is an example of the harassment facing America’s most famous trans-gender whistleblower.

September 7, 2015 - Sarah Hoye

September 7, 2015
Sarah Hoye

This Summer in Chicago has seen an epidemic of gun crimes, especially murders, leaving the Windy City with by far the highest casualty count in America. Al Jazeera America correspondent Sarah Hoye on causes, effects, and one neighborhood’s attempt to take back its streets.



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