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August 25, 2016 – Gerald Moore

Gerald Moore didn’t start out to be a news guy, although he says in his recently-published autobiography LIFE Story: The Education of an American Journalist, growing up in the small town of Tucumcari on the prairie of Eastern New Mexico, did inculcate in him the newsperson’s ethic: be where it’s happening, where thoughts, events and conflicts can grow you. Which is why, without an ounce of printer’s ink in his veins, or a press card in his hat, Moore moved himself from Tucumcari ...READ MORE


August 24, 2016 – Ann Jones

Ann Jones is a journalist and author of a number of non-fiction books about her research into women's and humanitarian issues: Women Who Kill, Kabul in Winter, Looking for Lovedu, Next Time She'll be Dead and When Love Goes Wrong. She has also written and taken photographs for a number of publications including National Geographic Traveler, Outside, The Nation,The San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times. The majority of her work and writings centers on women's issues, esp ...READ MORE


August 23, 2016 – David Cay Johnston

One of the perennial tragi-comedies of professional wrestling was the double-disqualification, in which, to cite on example, two wrestlers would bang heads, and knock each other out, winding up face down on the canvas, silent and unmoving, each unable to finish off the other, but combining to create a bigger pay night down the road when the inevitable re-match was booked. More frequently the double-DQ would result from such dramatic and outrageous transgressions of the so-called rules of ...READ MORE


August 22, 2016 – Dr. Bill Thomas

His official biography says of our guest today, “Dr. Bill Thomas is an author, entrepreneur, musician, teacher, farmer and physician whose wide-ranging work explores the terrain of human aging.” It goes on a lot further than that, but I’d gotten to my stop, and got off, right there, at the concept of Bill Thomas as an explorer. When we think of the great explorers from Columbus and Magellan to New Mexico’s own Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, we credit, even rank them, for the ...READ MORE

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