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Tuesday 11/15 - Lenny Bernstein, George Polk Award winner - The Washington Post - Reprehensible DEA failure

Tuesday 11/15
Lenny Bernstein, George Polk Award winner
The Washington Post
Reprehensible DEA failure

A scandal so reprehensible you’ll be amazed you never knew about it. The Washington Post’s investigative reporter Lenny Bernstein reveals how, at the very peak of America’s epidemic of opiate addiction, the Obama Administration and Republicans in Congress combined to gut the DEA’s strategy to contain it. The choice was simple: to exempt the 3 oligarchs of the American drug distribution industry from effective prosecution even if it meant millions of doses of addictive Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet tossed onto an illicit market.

Monday Dec 5 - Gareth Porter - Truthout - Trump's Security Advisor

Monday Dec 5
Gareth Porter
Trump's Security Advisor

Lt Gen Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s choice as National Security Adviser is frequently called, “the best intelligence officer of his generation.” His revolution in how intelligence is gathered and processed changed the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gareth Porter of Truthout says Flynn’s methods raised the body count, but many of the killed were not legitimate targets.

June 23, 2015 - Christopher Smart

June 23, 2015
Christopher Smart

10 years ago Utah had some 2000 chronically homeless people. What to do about it? Reporter Christopher Smart of the Salt Lake Tribune says the state’s answer was, “Give them places to live,” with no strings attached, no demands to stay clean. It worked…now the chronically homeless number just 178 and the State says, we can place them, too.

April 21, 2015 - Rivka Galchen

April 21, 2015
Rivka Galchen

Over the past decade, Oklahoma has gone from a couple of earthquakes a year, to a couple a day, and almost all geologists agree on the cause: deeply buried deposit wells for waste waters that come up with oil.  Rivka Galchen documented the case in the New Yorker magazine.


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