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HERE & THERE with Dave Marash features informed conversations with journalists, analysts and witnesses to the news. 50 minutes of timely insights and eyes-on reporting from HERE (New Mexico and the American Southwest) and THERE (everywhere else). It’s a reporters dream and a listener’s feast.

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Tuesday 9/27 - Lee Ellis, ethicist - Wells Fraudo and the banking culture of cheaters

Tuesday 9/27
Lee Ellis, ethicist
Wells Fraudo and the banking culture of cheaters

If I understand the suits at Wells Fargo Bank correctly, it was 5 years ago that they first noticed that they had a problem with employees who were stealing bonuses from the company, by gaming and fabricating sales of various Wells Fargo financial services. The bank’s solution? Every year, they say, they fired about 1% of their workforce, about 2500 people. Since just a fraction of the Wells Fargo workforce is actually involved in marketing or selling accounts and services,…


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